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Low Ropes C.O.P.E. Challenge Course
Low Ropes C.O.P.E. Challenge Courses or Group Initiatives, also called teams courses, low ropes courses, low ropes team courses, challenge courses and low challenge ropes courses are team problems and/or obstacles that challenge groups or teams both mentally and physically. These group activities require teamwork  (the interaction of all  members) to accomplish a task. These team initiative activities allow for the facilitator to work right alongside the group, helping them work through their objectives, and coaching and preparing them for bigger challenges, such as a high ropes course, climbing tower or an upcoming scouting expeditions.

A variety of low ropes course / team initiative activities can be selected to meet your troops or scout camps specific facility needs and programming goals.  Each C.O.P.E. challenge course element can be permanently installed or if space is an issue you can choose from our exciting and adventurous line of Portable C.O.P.E. Teambuilding Elements

Below are some examples of just a few of the low ropes course and team initiative elements that we install.

The Web

Participants must work together as a team to get everyone through this giant web.

Spiders Cage

A four sided variation of the Web, where the group starts on the inside and must get out without touching the structure.

Horizontal Web

Your group must traverse across this horizontal web without touching it.

Group Wall

Participants must work together as a team to get their entire group over this 12' tall wall.

Elevator Rescue

Your elevator is stuck between floors and the only escape is the trap door in the roof 10 ft. above the floor. Can your group get out?

Zig Zag Crossing

Solve the puzzle of how to get across this open area using very limited resources

Nitro Crossing

Teams must swing across an imaginary canyon and bring the necessary resources with them.

Whale Watch

Can your group work together to achieve balance on this giant teeter-totter?

T.P. Shuffle

Groups must work together to switch places while balancing on this narrow beam without touching the ground.

The Adventure Walk

A favorite - this series of low ropes elements challenges groups to traverse elements strung in succession without touching the ground.

Squeeze Box

Groups are challenged to fit their entire team into this confined space and then get out in the same order they went in.

The Port Hole

Participants must move their group through this imaginary porthole of a sinking ship.

Island Crossing

Group members must work cooperatively to create a bridge between three islands and get their entire team across.

Wild Woosey

Sometimes called the Trust Walk - pairs of group members must traverse the cables as they get farther apart. Pairs must maintain contact the for the length of the cables.

The Meuse

Participants must discover how to traverse across this open area using only themselves and a few limited resources.

All On Top

Participants must work together as a group to get their entire team on this 2' x 2' platform for up to 30 seconds.

Swinging Beam

Swinging Beam or Bucking Log challenge course initiative

Participants must work together to balance their team on this swinging beam.

Giants Finger

low ropes challenge course element

The team must work together to get the ring onto the post without touching the post itself.

High Beam

low ropes course element

Teams must work together to get all members up and over a wood beam installed approximately 9 ft. above the ground.

Criss Cross

Challeneg course element- Criss- Cross

Team members work in pairs or individually to traverse across sections of cable that cross in the middle in the shape of an X.

Trust Fall

Trust fall is a great trust development challenge course activity

Participants climb onto a platform installed approximately 3' above the ground and fall backwards into the arms of fellow participants

Team Trolleys

The team must traverse across an open area using wood trolleys and rope hand lines. This activity is harder than it looks.

Tire Traverse


Participants travel across swinging tires suspended by ropes while spotted by fellow team mates.

Triangle Traverse

Three foot cable sin a triangle shape are traversed using one long rope and keeping it under tension while traveling.

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