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Climbing Towers and Walls

Pole Based Climbing Towers
ESI's line of  outdoor climbing towers are visually attractive and exciting to climb. Built on utility pole sub frames these climbing towers can be built from 30 ft. to over 50 ft. in height and can have from one to as many sides as desired. Climbing surface options include: high quality decking; texture coated marine plywood;  polyurethane panels and Natural Rock freeform concrete walls.

All towers are built with corrosion resistant galvanized or stainless steel fasteners, and high quality, durable outdoor climbing holds treated with U.V. inhibitors to prolong lifespan.

 Climbing towers can be freestanding or incorporated into a high ropes course and used as an access to the course or as a zip line station. Additional options for the climbing tower include: lockable 10' tall doors to restrict access, auto belay units, top deck, overhanging  roof and/or internal or external staircase.

The Six Sided Tango Tower
  • 12 climbers at a time.
  • six sided
  • 50 ft. tall
  • Sun Canopy
  • 10' x 10 top deck
Single Faced Tower

This single sided tower can accommodate up to 3 climbers at once.

Double Sided Tower

This double sided tower can accommodate from three to six  climbers at once.

Triangle Tower

The triangle Tower can accommodate from six to nine climbers at once.

Quad Tower

This four sided tower can accommodate from eight to twelve climbers at one time.

Climbing Route Options

Many different climbing route options are available to choose from. Below are a few examples.

Flat Face
Overhang Face
Chimney Combo
Lean To

Steel Framed Towers

Skyscraper Tower

Basic Tower

Experiential Systems, Inc. (ESI) is pleased to offer this pre-built steel framed climbing structure for quality conscious programs. The Skyscraper towers have a structural steel frame that comes in 40 and 50' heights. The towers can have different surface options and can be a free standing unit or secured with downguys. This unit will serve your site for many years and is also extremely attractive.

Options to apply your own surfacing are also available.

Layout: footprint 8 x 8 x 40' or 50'
Training Required:  1- 2 days per 10 people  (actual time will depend on the options selected).

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This pre-built steel framed climbing structure is perfect for budget conscious programs. This climbing tower is affordable and still meets the needs of any climbing program. A long term advantage for this tower over a pole structure is the ability to easily move the structure as site plans or programming needs change. The Basic Climbing Structure in most cases is completely assembled prior to delivery to minimize our time working at your site. This decreased travel time is how we keep the cost low. Most installations take form two to four hours depending on the design options chosen.

Options to apply your own surfacing are also available

Layout: footprint 8 x 4 x 32''  768 Sq. feet of climbing surface.
Training Required:  1- days per 10 people

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The Tango Tower

All The Challenge You'll Ever Need!


This custom six sided tower with over twenty high ropes elements can accommodate up to 12 climbers at simultaneously and keep over 32 people actively involved at the same time.
With an additional 10 low ropes course elements built into the structure you can program all week long and never need another adventure element.
All high elements can be changed or moved allowing you many options for programming and growth.

A sun canopy can be added for over the top deck and groups can process their climbing experience right in the moment 50' above the ground.

Stainless steel belay bars mean no rust  and less wear and tear on your ropes.

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Climbing Surface Textures
Horizontal Wood Face

Vertical Wood Face

Texture Coated Wood

Polyurethane Panels

Real Rock Freeform Concrete

Tower Photos


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